Library Board

The Bradley Public Library District is governed by an unpaid 7 member elected board of trustees.  Terms are 6 years with no term limits.  Elections are held during the Local Consolidated Election in April of odd numbered years.  Requirements are residency within the Bradley Public Library District boundaries and current voter registration. If you are interested in serving on the library board, please email or call our Director Jodie DePatis for more information.

Board Members:

Karen Bayer, President
Skip Richardson, Vice-President
Connie Hendrickson, Treasurer
Madonna Benoit, Secretary
Andrew Fisher, Trustee
Kim Grace, Trustee
Cathy Rodgers, Trustee



Board Meetings


Bradley Public Library District 2018 Meeting Schedule

The regular meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Bradley Public Library District will be held at the Bradley Public Library, 296 N Fulton Ave, Bradley, at 6:00 PM on the following dates:

January 17, February 21, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, July 18,
August 22, September 19, October 17, November 14, December 19.


Meeting agendas will be posted below and at the Library at least 48 hours before each meeting.  Minutes will be posted below no later than 7 days following their approval by the Board of Trustees. 

Note: The February 15, 2017 meeting was cancelled due to lack of a quorum. The December 20, 2017 was also cancelled.





Minutes- Jan 20 2016.pdf149.79 KB
Minutes Feb 17 2016.pdf147.04 KB
Minutes March 16 2016.pdf147.77 KB
Minutes April 20 2016.pdf149.6 KB
Minutes May 18 2016.pdf148.66 KB
Minutes June 16 2016.pdf147.14 KB
Minutes July 20 2016.pdf148.64 KB
Minutes Public Hearing Aug 24 2016.pdf6.92 KB
Minutes Aug 24 2016.pdf150.62 KB
Minutes Sept 21 2016.pdf147.86 KB
Minutes Oct 19 2016.pdf148.51 KB
Minutes Nov 16 2016.pdf217.71 KB
Minutes January 18 2017.pdf151.05 KB
Minutes March 15 2017.pdf153.28 KB
Minutes April 19 2017.pdf144.88 KB
Minutes May 17 2017.pdf155.46 KB
Minutes June 21 2017.pdf219.23 KB
Minutes July 19 2017.pdf147.55 KB
Minutes Public Hearing Aug 23 2017.pdf6.91 KB
Minutes August 23 2017.pdf152.14 KB
Minutes Sept 20 2017.pdf147.36 KB
Minutes Oct 18 2017.pdf147.54 KB
Minutes Nov 15 2017.pdf148.37 KB
Minutes Jan 17 2018.pdf152.32 KB
Agenda 2-21-2018.pdf73.95 KB