Computer Self-Help

Computer Help

  • Free Online Learning at GCF- Online classes offer you the opportunity to learn on your own time and at your own pace. All classes are completely free and will earn you accredited Continuing Education Units and a Certificate of Completion.
  • Computer tutorial for beginners - TLN Technology Committee
  • Mousercise - From the Central Kansas Library System in Great Bend, Kansas, this tutorial covers basic functions of mouse use, but also provides exercises you can follow to improve your new skills. You can use the Mousercise tutorial to practice and hone the same skills you learned in the New User Tutorial above.
  • Palm Beach County Library computer tutorial for beginners. This tutorial is designed to help people who have never used a mouse before. For those of you who have never used, or are unsure of how to use, a computer mouse, try this tutorial first! In this tutorial, you will learn how to hold a mouse, the basics of moving and clicking while using the scroll bar, inserting typed words, using drop-down menus, double-clicking, dragging, and closing a computer file. The tutorial also includes further exercises to refine your skills once you've mastered the basics.
  • TypingWeb - This tutorial is designed to help people who want to improve their typing skills. TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial for typists of all ages. All skill levels will benefit from TypingWeb's free keyboarding lessons.
  • Free online keyboard typing lessons
  • CustomGuides - Free computer quick reference cheat sheets/guides.
  • In Pictures Computer Instruction: Learn With Pictures, Not Words. In Pictures online tutorials are based on pictures, not words.
  • Learn That: Computers: Offers free online software tutorials in various topics, MCSE, certifications, popular computer software applications, finance, teaching, etc.
  • Learn The Net - Use this website to find guides to all aspects of Internet use including topics such as email, downloading, searching, and much more.
  • Google Mail - Self-help tutorial videos.
  • Yahoo Mail - Self-help tutorial videos.
  • People Smart - Privacy Education Resources.  To help you protect your privacy, we compiled educational resources, privacy tips, and a list of things you can do.
  • - a free educational website that teaches older adults and other inexperienced Internet users with basic computer skills about websites that can help improve their quality of life.