Rec Room


  • Qwerty Warriors 2: The words are attacking! Shoot them! (Requires Flash player.)
  • Set Daily Puzzle: A puzzle game using shapes, colors and patterns.
  • Sudoku: Your favorite sudoku puzzle game online.
  • Miniclip
  • Addicting Games
  • XGen Studios
  • Myspace Games: You must have a myspace login to play these games.
  • Armor Games
  • WiiCade
  • JSPuzzles: If you like jigsaw puzzles, this is the site to visit.  The program slices up a picture into pieces, and lets you put it together.  You can even upload your own photos to be made into puzzles.
  • TypeRacer: Test your typing speed and race against other people at the same time!
  • Renaissance Kingdoms:  Basically an online Renaissance Faire, this game does its best to replicate life in early modern Europe.  Be a peasant, a lord, a politician, or an innkeeper, and everything in between.
  • PBS Games: A collection of games appropriate for young children.
  • Horseland: Breed and train your own horses and dogs and compete in events.
  • Goal Line Blitz: Own and customize your own football teem, sign players, and compete against other teams from around the world in this browser-based simulation.
  • Fantastic Contraption: Solve puzzles by making impromptu machines that use realistic physics.  A very thought-provoking game.
  • 99 Bricks: What if Tetris used realistic physics? Would it be possible to stack them very high?  Find out for yourself with this game. 
  • Orcpad:  Wanna play Super Mario & other Fun Cool Games? This and more